Product Overview

All products is based on the Scribe Online platform from and a Scribe Online subscription is needed to be able to use our products, some of them is free and others require a license, we offer paid support on all products please contact if you need free startup support

Sharepoint Connector

Currency Converter

(comming soon)

File Connector

(comming soon)

DaPulse Connector

(comming soon)

Redmine Connector

(comming soon)

PDF Creator

(comming soon)

OEM / Custom Connector

(comming soon)

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Please feel free to get in touch with your queries about any of our product.

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We are Connecter Geeks

WE ARE a team of developers and business consultans who is dedicated on working on integrations.

WE DO between businees systems, no matter if it's a fancy new API or an old legacy interface we will find a way of getting the data into the right place.

WE USE the Scribe Online platform for our standard connectors. For custom development it would normally be based on the Scribe Online platform, but it might be that other technologies would be included to accomplish the final goal. Please feel free to contact us if you have a project needing our support.